Stan Stephens 1200cc V6 twostroke

Stan Stephens 1200cc V6 twostroke

Stan Stephens engine
Stan Stephens’ 1200cc V6 two-stroke engine

TWO-STROKE tuning legend Stan Stephens is near completion of an insane 1200cc V6 two-stroke.

Pictures tweeted by his son Harley reveal the motor in all its glory. He says the barrels come from Yamaha’s Banshee quad bike, a 350cc twin with an engine developed from the legendary RD350LC motor. Mounted on a V6 crankcase built up from one-and-a-half RD500 motors, the result promises to be something rather special.

We’ll be watching with interest to see what the bike it ends up in is like…

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Source: Stan Stephens 1200cc V6 twostroke