need a chain breaker

need a chain breaker

Anyone in cork city or about have a chain breaker I could borrow or buy if its cheap have new chain and sprockets but need to remove a few links but don’t want to risk damage using a hammer and flat head to do it there’s no split link to make life more easy so chain breaker would be the right job :bikerie:
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For Sale : XR650R Supermoto

For Sale : XR650R Supermoto

Bike Make : Honda

Bike Model : XR650R

Year : 2001

Price : € 2600

Mileage : 12000km

Colour : Red

Extras : LOTS

Overall Bike Condition : Not mint. Mechanically perfect! Serviced regularly.

Tyre/Chain/Sprocket Condition : Chain and sprockets changed 300km ago. Tyres have plenty life left.

Service History/Receipts/Recent Service work : Fully serviced.

Non Restricted/Shop Restricted/Factory Restricted : Uncorked. Full power.

Bike Location : Roundwood

Irish/English Registered : Irish

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

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TT build up

TT build up
Come on guys, its only a few weeks to go, lets get some atmosphere here with some TT build up stuff. Are your bikes ready? Your kit and camping gear you just threw in the loft after last year.

Well I did just that bunged it all up in the loft, since then its got buried under junk, so in the loft over the weekend, digging it all out and in the workshop ready for inspection etc. Thinking of maybe fitting a rack on my tow bar and bringing a trials bike this year, not sure yet though, need to get it MOT’d first.

I’ve got my camping permit for Claddagh sorted, so that where we’ll stay yet again

Wont be too long until the NW200 and then its really TT time, and some of the great folks out there will start posting the build up pics :0 We hope anyway.
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Assen GP Advice. Viewing/accomodation.

Assen GP Advice. Viewing/accomodation.

Hi Lads

Anyone been to a GP in a**en?
For my birthday my brother is planning to take me for a weekend in Amsterdam and the race on Saturday.
Looking to arrive in the Dam Thursday, prob won’t head to a**en for qualifying as he isn’t into bikes so will take a train out Saturday morning for race day. Looks like its roughly two hours on the train to a**en?

Should I plan to stay in a**en on Saturday evening or is there anything in it other than the track?

And at the track where is a good spot to watch the race. I looked at the tickets for Grandstands today and Gert Timmer and Hoofdtribune are both booked out. Strubben and Haarbocht are available as is TT World or there is plenty of General Admission tickets available.
I have never been to the circuit so I’m not sure where is good/bad to view the race?

Any tips appreciated

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