Older PCiii

Older PCiii

There’s an older PC3 for my bike after cropping up on a forum for reasonable money and I’m thinking about it. It’s an older serial port model which is turning people off. I don’t know if it’s that much use in general but I’ve been thinking about getting a PC to get my bike running right rather than the power/ tuning benefits. I think something state-of-the-art would be wasted on me tbh.

Will it still have the same tunability as a USB model or are there other compromises with it’s age?

Any idea what it’s worth anyway? I think £100 shipped or a touch less would buy it which is much cheaper than the USB models it seems.

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repacking my exhaust

repacking my exhaust

Got a ktm duke 2 640 the other day and the chap that owned it before took everything out of the exhausts so its bloody loud :lbhbh: but the oul neighbours dont seem to like it as much as i do. So i was looking at trying to make it quieter. make up or buy a perforated pipe and re pack it. anyone know where i can buy some fibre glass packing? i was looking up websites but allot of them are charging as much for shipping as they are for the packing itself.

Cheers, Graham :thumbsup2:

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TT Build Up,,,

TT Build Up,,,
Just had my copy of Classic Racer in the post,
What a damm good read with articles on a lot of good TT Riders,
But the picture on page 38/39 Sums up the TT !!
Great picture of a TT Start for the Sidecars, with the late Great Jock Taylor,

Think i have got a few of the front runners in the pic,,,
Sorry but its too big to Scan, and Malc might not like me doing so,
But what a great read this edition has been !
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